Furnished Apartments Greeley

The 609 Studio Apartments Greeley

Furnished Apartments Greeley

Furnished Apartments Greeley search brought you here?  Millennials and even baby boomers are on the move, and that means they have less stuff. At The 609 Studios, we have you covered. Our studio apartments in thriving downtown Greeley come furnished for your convenience and comfort. Check out our move-in specials today.

Furnished Apartments Greeley Are in Demand

Not unlike many other urban centers, furnished apartments are in greater demand. Why? Because we have a workforce that moves — a lot. And, Baby Boomers are downsizing and traveling more, so the less “stuff” the better.

“Both baby boomers and millennials are shedding … possessions and responsibilities to embrace a “hands-free” lifestyle of mobility and adventure,” reports Brooks Furniture Rental. Furnished apartments are now playing a pivotal role in the process.”

According to the Brooks Blog, “a report from CNN stated graduates are likely to hold more than four jobs by the time they are 32 years old and a report from Freddie Mac found that 5 million baby boomers are expected to rent by 2020.”

If you work in the oil fields, your living situation can often change. For these workers, 609 Studios is the perfect solution to the hotel-living blues with its furnished apartments Greeley. We offer comfortable units with ample amenities and short-term leases in a thriving urban center. What more could you ask for?

If you’ve been searching online for “furnished apartments Greeley” and found The 609 Studios, you’re sure to be pleased. Our apartments have double beds, a couch, coffee table, chest of drawers, with breakfast nook and bar stools and floating shelves.

We can amp it up with turn-key, ready-to-occupy units upon request. These units include everything from dishes to bathroom accessories to a 55-inch TV and sheet sets and more,  The 609 Studios can set you up for the best in studio living.

Are you ready to take on a lifestyle with less stuff? The 609 Studios is the place to be high atop Greeley’s urban core, with fully furnished units for stress-free living, with practically everything you need within walking distance, from cafes and restaurants to shops and recreation. Check out our beautiful, newly renovated units today.