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New Apartments Near Me Greeley

The semester already has begun, you’re attending classes, and you’ve landed a great job. But now your roommates are making your life miserable. Search new apartments near me Greeley to find The 609 Studios. Here, you can live on your own the way you want. Check out our move-in specials.

Search new apartments near me Greeley to get out of the roommate trap

According to, troubles with roommates are a common dilemma for college students. “Many millennials believe that their lives would be easier if they lived alone,” the site states. You have complete privacy when living alone, which makes things simple when you do not want to be bothered by anyone,” states.

When you move in to The 609 Studios, you’ll be just a few minutes away from the UNC campus, which is situated north of here. If you have classes on the older part of campus, you can walk, longboard or ride your bike and be there in no time. Head up 9th Avenue to soak up the historic atmosphere of that neighborhood. 

Living on your own includes some other perks:

  • Decorating your apartment however you want.
  • No one will steal you shampoo or food, and no more fights about who buys the toilet paper.
  • You don’t have to pay for anyone else’s excessive utility usage.
  • You don’t have to put up with a pet to which you may be allergic.

Of course, the downside of living alone is covering the costs of living by yourself. The 609 Studios has an answer for that as well. We’ve recently reduced rents, starting at just $895 per month.  You will not find a less expensive new studio apartment in downtown Greeley.

When it comes to searching apartments for rent, you’ll want to check out our newly remodeled studio units. They come furnished and unfurnished with new appliances and great décor.  We have onsite amenities , including laundry, elevators, vending machines, storage, a private patio, mail boxes, a great clubhouse and we’re pet friendly.